Cozy Mysteries
with a Twist

Explore Julia’s cozy mystery series and find yourself transported to new locations and different cultures, to creepy castles and culinary creations. Julia has earned a following of loyal readers who appreciate the ingenuity of her plots and the likeability of her characters. But don’t take our word for it–her reviews speak for themselves.

Julia Buckley Mysteries

Midwest Book Review
"Unreservedly and emphatically recommended."
Suspense Magazine
"It is never a surprise when Julia Buckley writes a winner."
The Criminal Element
"Books that are both absorbing and genuinely spine-tingling"
Kirkus Reviews on Death on the Night of Lost Lizards
"Appealing characters combine seamlessly with a twisty mystery in this pleasing tale of love and hate."
Charlaine Harris on A Dark and Stormy Murder
"Dark and Stormy is a lot of fun!"
Mystery Scene on Death Waits in the Dark
"solution that is both fresh and surprising."

Book Six is Here!

Book six in the Writer’s Apprentice series has arrived! Click the image for ordering information. The novel is set not long after the Blue Lake Christmas story, “A Dark and Silent Night.” It is cold January, and Blue Lake is shrouded in snow. Lena and Camilla set off for an adventure in a mansion outside Blue Lake. The Great American Mystery Challenge will pit Camilla against four other mystery writers to see who is the best at solving puzzles. Two problems prevent their enjoyment of this event: the blizzard that snows them in, and the murder that makes them want out. Now on sale in paperback and e-book formats.

I loved going back to Blue Lake and spending time with familiar characters. I hope readers will love it, too!

--Julia Buckley

You'll want to start at the beginning: check out the books in the Writer's Apprentice series!


Death Through A Dark Green Glass is available in print and a variety of e-formats.


Settings that are close to home

Because Julia grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, she tends to set all of her series in fictional places very
similar either to places she has lived or places she has visited. All the settings, which include Blue Lake
(Writer’s Apprentice series), River wood (Hungarian Tea House series), Pine Haven (Undercover Dish
series), Wood Glen (Veronica Bond Castle series), and Webley (Madeline Mann series), are set in the
Midwest, specifically Illinois or Indiana. To chat with Julia about setting or anything else, feel free to e-mail her

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